Ascent Attends the 2016 Commercial UAV Expo in Vegas

The Ascent team recently attended the Commercial UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Expo at the MGM Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. In addition to discovering the new “Switch Blackjack” game at the casino, Ascent’s CEO, Steve Young, Director of Business Development Keith Hulen and Remote Sensing Manager Owen McKee discovered a plethora of other new and exciting game-changers.

The event was filled with great speakers, new ideas and industry sessions led by very knowledgeable subject matter experts. The highlight of the show was the latest and greatest technology in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The Ascent team saw everything from weather proof drones to fixed wing aircraft with 9 foot wingspans and even a “Manned” drone. That’s right, we saw a prototype of a “Unmanned, Manned Aerial Vehicle.” As funny as it sounds, this very well might be the future of transportation for the everyday person in ten years. With the use of GPS positioning and collision avoidance, people don’t need to have a pilot’s license. They will simply type in the place they want to go and let the UAV take them there, all the while avoiding any other flying objects. We are making the Jetsons cartoon a reality!

While playing blackjack, and seeing new toys is fun, the Ascent team was there for business. Having so many UAV and LiDAR manufacturers and distributors in one place made it very easy to conduct a comparable analysis on the latest technology. Ascent has been carefully examining multiple manufacturers to compare specifications as well as possible business applications.

Ascent Geomatics is in the business of solving business problems. While UAVs and sensors are merely data collection devices, the methods in which they collect data and the benefits they provide are forcing almost every industry to re-think how they collect data. As Ascent continues to stay on the cutting edge of technology, making smart investments will pay huge dividends not only for Ascent, but also for their customers.