Data Collection


Ascent Geomatics Solutions understands the importance of properly collecting geospatial data. Data Collection involves leveraging the appropriate technology and personnel to gather geospatially accurate data that will ultimately help drive business decisions.

At Ascent, we understand the importance of ensuring the data we collect is done accurately, timely and efficiently.

Understanding the business outcomes first and foremost allows Ascent the ability to work backwards to best method of data collection.

Optimizing our team of Land Survey Professionals and/or UAV Remote Pilots allow for Ascent to provide the needed personnel on specific data collection projects while always maintaining survey grade accuracy.

Data Collection may involve helping one of our Oil & Gas customers win the permitting race for a new Well Pad location by collecting accurate survey data by our team of experienced surveyors, collecting photogrammetric data through a UAV at an open pit mine or using LiDAR to capture data for redesigning a highway intersection.



Our personnel have extensive experience working with survey data from all collection methods.

Our team of Professional Land Surveyors oversee all data collection projects to ensure data quality and accuracy.

Our technical processing team work within Micro Station and Civil 3D CAD environments to produce useable data products that having meaning and easy use to our clients.

Our cloud based solutions team can register, process, and model 3D data sets for a variety of purposes and applications, based upon client needs and wants.


Leveraging our inventory of Land Survey Technology Solutions ranging from Levels, Robotic Total Stations, GPS, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Terrestrial and Aerial LiDAR devices.