Alternative Energy

Alternative energy farms can be hundreds of square miles. Due to their size, planning and designing wind or solar farms can be a daunting task. Surveying large areas of land presents numerous challenges and understanding civil engineering disciplines such as floodplain and stormwater management are critical.

Ascent Geomatics is uniquely positioned to help alternative energy companies because of their expertise in surveying, civil engineering, environmental, GIS, UAVs and High Definition LiDAR scanning. Bringing together cutting-edge technology and expertise allows Ascent to provide the world-class solutions to the alternative energy sector.

 Site Planning

Before designing and constructing large energy farms, collect up-to-date aerial imagery and photogrammetry to understand the topography.



Survey Faster

Surveying hundreds of square miles can take a long time and increase the chance of errors. Ascent utilizes UAVs to survey large areas of land which allows them to survey in fractions of the time it would take with traditional techniques.

3D Marketing

Use 3D visualization models for before and after comparison, design to topographic overlay, or for marketing purposes with investors.