For over ten years, Ascent has been providing various services to Midstream Oil & Gas companies including Surveying, Civil Engineering, Regulatory/Permitting, Environmental, GIS and Asset Management solutions.  With an expert staff of Field Employees, Professional Land Surveyors, Professional Engineers, Regulatory Experts, Data Management Experts, Remote Pilots and more, Ascent has proudly served the entire Rocky Mountain region with offices in Colorado, North Dakota, Montana, New Mexico, and Texas.

Ascent has gained a competitive advantage in the Midstream industry by focusing on four key differentiators:

  • Ability to offer an entire portfolio of solutions
  • Nimble resource model to scale up or down quickly depending on the project
  • Quick turnaround without sacrificing accuracy and quality
  • Cutting-edge technology

Most recently, Ascent has expanded its portfolio of solutions to include Photogrammetry, Aerial Imagery, Orthometric Mapping, Remote Sensing and High Definition Laser Scanning (LiDAR) using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and other high density instruments.

Midstream companies can now design or modify their facilities using high definition 3D models, plan a pipeline route based on up-to-date aerial imagery and receive topographic surveys on long stretches of pipeline in fractions of the time it would take with traditional techniques.

Plan the Best Possible Route

Planning the best pipeline route is key to the success of the pipeline.  Navigating natural and man-made obstacles early in the planning process can have a huge impact on the overall efficiency, timeline and budget of the project.  With the use of UAV technology, Ascent can provide up-to-date aerial imagery and photogrammetry to ensure the pipeline will follow the best possible route.



Keep the Pipeline On-Schedule

Delays in the Planning, Construction or Operations phases of a pipeline project can have very costly effects for a Midstream Operator.  Ascent brings an experienced team of pipeline experts to ensure our clients stay on schedule.

Gain Efficiencies Each Foot of the Pipeline

Pipelines are many times large and complex projects with opportunities and threats along the way.  Technology has allowed for major efficiencies to be gained on long pipelines using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or Drones as they are commonly referred to.  Just imagine the difference between collecting survey ground shots for a topographic survey on foot vs. in the air.



Case Study:

Surveyed 56 Sections in 2 Weeks



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