Our Process

Most companies struggle with certain business problems. Many of those same organizations try to “fix” the business problems without understanding the underlying issues.

At Ascent, we have found that the root cause for most business problems stem from the process. In order to fundamentally fix the process, companies must identify what tools are driving that process.

When it comes to companies that work with geographic or geospatial data, there are three key elements for mitigating business problems and making better business decisions: data collection, analysis and delivery.

Unfortunately, there are many companies that primarily focus on only one of these areas. Focusing on only one or two of these important areas will leave major gaps in the process and usually lead to duplicative work needing to be performed. Ultimately, not having the correct data the first time leads to delays in timelines and missed budget projections.

To have the most efficient process, organizations must partner with companies that can understand the business outcomes, business problems, existing process and current tools. Then armed with that knowledge, understand what deliverable is necessary, what type of analysis is needed for that deliverable and which type of data collection methods are needed.