At Ascent, we believe we are best positioned to help our customers solve problems because of four key areas:

Integrated Scope of Services

By providing services that would normally require multiple service providers to complete, Ascent creates efficiencies and cost savings with reduced field visits, tighter communication, smoother hand-offs of data, quicker turnaround times, and one point of contact for all services. Time and human capital savings are realized by our clients through less paperwork to process, and fewer service providers with which to coordinate and communicate.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Ascent has made technology a cornerstone of our business model and utilize it in every aspect of our work output. We made an important declaration early on in our company’s history that we wanted to lead by example. Our investments in new technology such as UAVs, LiDAR, Software, Sensors and other equipment will continue to propel Ascent above our competitors.


We are large enough to be a very stable and reliable partner but nimble enough to mobilize our organization quickly. Development projects may require substantial resources in remote locations on short notice. Ascent is structured to be scalable to ramp up resources where needed and nimble to move resources between projects across the service area.

Consultative Approach

No two projects are the same. Every customer project presents its own set of unique challenges and requires a unique combination of field personnel and technology to provide the perfect solution. Ascent takes pride in understanding the full scope of the projects they work on, what the customer’s ultimate goals are, what the business problems are and provides the best recommendations for accomplishing those goals.