For over ten years, Ascent has been providing various services to Upstream Oil & Gas companies including Surveying, Civil Engineering, Regulatory/Permitting, Environmental, GIS and Asset Management solutions.  With an expert staff of Field Employees, Professional Land Surveyors, Professional Engineers, Regulatory Experts, Data Management Experts, Remote Pilots and more, Ascent has proudly served the entire Rocky Mountain region with offices in Colorado, North Dakota, Montana, New Mexico, and Texas.

Ascent has gained a competitive advantage in the Upstream industry by focusing on four key differentiators:

  • Ability to offer an entire portfolio of solutions
  • Nimble resource model to scale up or down quickly depending on the project
  • Quick turnaround without sacrificing accuracy and quality
  • Cutting-edge technology

Most recently, Ascent has expanded its portfolio of solutions to include Photogrammetry, Aerial Imagery, Orthometric Mapping, Remote Sensing and High Definition Laser Scanning (LiDAR) using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and other high density instruments.

Upstream companies can now better plan their well pad layouts with up-to-date aerial imagery, modify or expand existing facilities using high definition 3D models, and receive topographic surveys on well pad locations in fractions of the time it would take with traditional techniques.

Get Your Permits Faster

There are multiple services that need to be performed in order to secure a well pad for drilling.  Not having the best surveyor, civil engineer, regulatory experience or environmental expert can cause companies to miss their window of opportunity.  Ascent ensures Upstream organizations don’t miss those windows by offering all the necessary services, fast turnaround and accurate exhibits.



No Surprises

The last thing an Upstream Landman needs are surprises that delay the permitting process.  At Ascent, we consider all aspects of a project and notify our Upstream customers if there are any barriers that come up in the field.  With our process methodology and technology, we ensure our clients are always up to date with the project and they are not blindsided by manageable events.

Focus on Your Core Competencies

Our Upstream clients’ goals are simple, to drill and produce oil and natural gas.  This makes our goals simple, to take all the other non-core competency work off their plate so they can drill and produce oil and natural gas.  Ascent offers a large portfolio of services in Oil and Gas so our clients can spend more time on the areas of the business that matter most to them.


 Case Study

Permitted 300 Wells in 10 Days




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