Data Analysis – Management

The most common statement customers make is that they, “have more data than they know what to do with and they don’t know what to do with the data.”

Being able to manage multiple types of geospatial data differentiates a true Geomatics company from all the rest. In addition, being able to convert geospatial data into certain formats or standards that particular organizations need is extremely important.

Leveraging multiple software packages, Ascent’s proprietary GIS Asset Management system, and other technologies allow for Ascent to process, analyze and manage large quantities of geospatial data. Internal FME and SDE management systems allow for streamlined processing and housing of client data through a central source.

Some of the different data management tools that Ascent uses to help process and analyze geospatial data include:

  • Pix4D
  • Leica TrueView
  • Leica Cyclone
  • Microstation
  • AutoCad
  • AutoDesk Civil 3D
  • Timble Business Center
  • Timble Access
  • TerraModel
  • Arc GIS
  • BlueSky Skyline
  • Carlson Survey
  • Ascent’s Proprietary GIS Asset Management System